PubCamp Live-Blogging

I’m at Public Media Camp 2010, a two-day unconference for folks interested in (as you might be able to guess) public media. I’m going to dive right in and give you a taste of the conversation from the room and Twitter as the day goes on. Enjoy!

  • Now that’s what I call local « Snarkmarket

    [...] this snippet from Matt’s second-day liveblog/Twitter curation of the conversation at PubCamp blew my mind a little bit: Matt Thompson: One of the most frequent issues users have is not [...]

  • Fight over NPR funding: is it a “culture war,” or principled debate?

    [...] Public stations must step up to make the case, as they have in past fights over CPB, said Maxie Jackson, president of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, in part because of the damage already done by NPR's dismissal of former news analyst Juan Williams. "You've got to take NPR off the table," Jackson said. A front-and-center role by NPR would be "poisonous at this point," he said, especially given NPR's bad track record with audience and workforce diversity. A live blog of the session, produced by Matt Thompson of NPR's Argo Network, is here. [...]